Pevonia Spa Clinica Website

Launch website for new consumer skincare brand Pevonia Spa Clinica.


“MyPevonia” Microsite

To introduce the new line "Pevonia Spa Clinica" we created a microsite offering consumers a free skin analysis by a Professional Aesthetician.


2013 Lexus ES Flyer

Prelaunch Flyer to introduce the all-new Lexus ES at the 2012 New York Autoshow.


Expired (Personal Series)

There is beauty in decay.


Markenfilm Microsite

Markenfilm Crossings' microsite for the Parlamentarium project.


Viking Cruises Microsite

Viking River Cruises wanted to show the "Real Russia" passengers get to see on their Russian River cruises.

EuropŠisches Parlament BrŸssel


After working for three years on the touch screen and mobile guide interfaces, the European Parliament's visitor center finally opened in October 2011.


Markenfilm Website

New responsive website for the Markenfilm Group, putting all the companies under one online roof.


Käpt’n Knopf Website

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises wanted to approach families with small children to go on luxury family cruises.


Schüco Touch Table

Touch Table Design for Schüco's booth at the 2011 BAU architecture show.


Unterweger Website

Pharmaceutical ad agency Unterweger wanted a new user-friendly website.


Fish & More Website

Fish & More is a fish company that sells only organic and MSC certified fish. The documentary character of the "Catch of Day" pictures shows there is nothing to hide.


Broadway Fashion

Broadway Fashion's Fall/Winter 08 Campaign was all about what happens in a NYC cab after the shopping trip.


Bym Community Virals

Bym-WG is a new online community. Our idea was to share secrets and tips on how to deal with obnoxious roommates.


Bym Community Print Ads

Bym-WG is a new online community. Our print ads showed the reality of living with obnoxious roommates.


Lexus ES Rich Media

The Lexus ES multimedia banner is aptly named as it's rather a flash microsite disguising as an expandable banner.


Lexus IS Prelaunch

For the prelaunch phase of the all-new 2006 Lexus IS Team One created the biggest and technically most challenging ad campaign Lexus ever ran.


Lexus GX Launch Site

The launch campaign for the first generation Lexus GX introduced luxury to the SUV market (LUV = Luxury Utility Vehicle).